Sympho Orchestra at the Church of the Ascension

Sympho Orchestra at the Church of the Ascension

The Austrian musician Georg Friedrich Haas has written many works to be performed in pitch darkness, as well as “In Vain,” his long masterpiece for orchestra. With artificial lightweight all over, “we don't have any night in our trendy life,” he same in Associate in Nursing interview in 2011. “But i feel our body and our souls need night, and that i provide this in my art.”
The yankee conductor Paul Haas (they don't seem to be related) aimed to use darkness to supply listeners a surreal expertise at the Church of the Ascension. The lights were turned down low for “Ascending Darkness,” the title of the program he LED with the Sympho Orchestra on weekday evening.

Mr. Haas creates innovative concerts that place music in varied contexts. He typically links works of disparate eras and designs in transmission events in uncommon locations. For “Ascending Darkness,” Mr. Haas selected serious music excerpts by Rameau, gap with the “Scène Funèbre” from “Castor et Pollux.” different Rameau alternatives were plain-woven aboard items by Arvo Pärt, Grieg, Messiaen and adult male. Haas’s own music.

Mr. Haas hoped to use the darkness, in his words, “to transport the audience into Associate in Nursing altered state of awareness.” He further that “the result ought to be a one-of-a-kind evening of wonderful music.”

The music was so pleasurable, vie with polish and spirit by the ensemble. Mr. Haas was visible solely as a silhouette. Most of the music was performed by the ensemble at the front of the church. though a lighting designer was mentioned within the program notes, there have been least lighting effects. additional artistic use of lighting would have further to the dramatic arc and flow of the evening.

For me, it just felt like music performed with the lights dimmed  low, rather than the “quest for heightened consciousness and revelation” wanted by adult male. Haas. however whereas the experiment didn’t quite add terms of transporting a auditor to altered states, it actually offered Associate in Nursing alternate suggests that of being attentive to music during a concert setting.

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