Colin Hay, Still On The Move when thirty Years

Colin Hay, Still On The Move when thirty Years

Colin Hay is on the move, driving removed from his zero in Topanga canon, Calif. His momentum is his own, he says, not necessarily—as some understand it to be—a boost from his appearances on Scrubs nearly ten years agone. He’s moving on the strength of his music, whether or not it’s his string of hits with Men at Work throughout the Nineteen Eighties or the eleven solo albums he’s free since 1987.

In 2004, Zach Braff enclosed Hay’s solo song “I simply Don’t suppose I’ll Ever recover from You” on the Grammy-winning audio recording to American state. that very same year, fodder appeared—again, at Braff’s urging—in the primary episode of Scrubs’ second season, “My Overkill,” performing arts Men at Work’s hit “Overkill.” each cause you to suppose however Hay’s introspective , spot-on songs would build nice audio recording fodder—and whether or not he may fancy rating films.

“I’ve ne'er scored a moving-picture show,” Hay says. “I’d prefer to. one among my friends scored movies, however I took a distinct path, happening the road years agone.”

This is post-Men at Work. The band, of course, toured extensively behind No. one album Business as was common (1981), that contained the hits “Who will or not it's Now?” and “Down underneath.” They conjointly coated lots of ground with loading (1983), that spawned the hit “Overkill” and “It’s miscalculation.” it absolutely was when the band poor up in 1986 that fodder determined to hit the road.

“If you score films, you keep home and record music,” Hay says. “You tend to possess to be in one place to try and do that. however it’s not such a lot that I wished to travel on the road. it absolutely was simply some way of obtaining yourself out there.”

Hay remained with Columbia Records for his 1987 solo debut, craving for Jack, and its 1990 successor, peripatetic interloper. By 1992, he’d gone utterly freelance, however unbroken churning out masterfully crafted albums. however this was before being indie was as (comparatively) straightforward because it is nowadays.

“Once you’re born from a serious label, you’re on your own,” Hay says. “I spent fifteen years making {an attempt|attempting} to search out an audience. after you saw Pine Tree State on Scrubs, it absolutely was when fifteen years of operating to the purpose that anyone paid attention.”

It’s not a criticism, though fodder admits it looks like one. He’s grateful that Braff came to his show and later born CDs on Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence’s table, resulting in Lawrence writing the episode “My Overkill.” however he doesn’t suppose it'd have happened if he hadn’t maintained his forward momentum. “All those things happen once you’re moving,” Hay says. “You can’t sit around anticipating things to happen.”

Now, fodder is road behind his eleventh album, Gathering Mercury (Compass Records). Like its predecessors, the album reveals fodder as a dodgy author with a gift for melody. And though you’d ne'er decision the lads at Work material immature, Gathering Mercury is unquestionably older and wiser music. fodder balks at considering however he’s progressed as a ballad maker, however.

“I don’t see a degree, to be honest,” Hay says. “The songs I wrote in Men at Work, I’m pleased with them and what we have a tendency to achieved.” Songwriting, he says, is just what he will.

“You gotta do one thing when breakfast. i favor getting into the studio and writing songs. I don’t have any hobbies. I don’t trust however I’ve progressed. I simply try and build consecutive album higher than the last one. i'd place ‘Overkill,’ that I wrote in 1980, up with something I’ve written latterly. I don’t believe quality essentially follows the passage of your time. It’s additional sort of a zigzag pattern. generally you hit veins of gold, et al. you’re scratchin’ around; you can’t do shit.”

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