Senegalese Singer and Finnish musician Share the Polar Prize

Senegalese Singer and Finnish musician Share the Polar Prize

The Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour and also the Finnish musician Kaija Saariaho were named the winners Tues of the 2013 Polar Music Prize. every are going to be awarded one thousand thousand Swedish kronor, or regarding $150,000, and can be invited to a ceremony in capital of Sweden on Aug. 27.

The award committee same man. N’Dour, 53, United Nations agency is thought for commixture ancient song forms from African country with eclectic designs from geographical region and also the us, had been given the prize not only for his contribution as Associate in Nursing mortal however conjointly as a result of he had “worked to scale back animosities between his own faith, Islam, and different religions.”

“His voice encompasses a complete continent’s history and future, blood and love, dreams and power,” the announcement same.

The committee referred to as Ms. Saariaho, 60, a musician better-known for combining acoustic instruments with computer-generated electronic sounds, “a trendy master United Nations agency opens our ears and causes their anvils and stirrups to fall dotty.”

The Polar Prize was supported in 1989 by Stig Anderson, United Nations agency was a publisher, writer and manager of the Swedish quartet ABBA. it's generally shared by a pop creator and a classical musician.

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