Alicia Keys Takes Her 'Tears' To Vegas for brand spanking new Video

Alicia Keys Takes Her 'Tears' To Vegas for brand spanking new Video

Alicia Keys is nursing a broken heart on her new single "Tears forever Win." and there is most likely no higher place to do to induce over a brokenheartedness than metropolis, a.k.a. Sin City. that is wherever the singer headed to shoot the video for the new woman burning single.

"I truly simply finished the video for 'Tears forever Win' last night," she told MTV News Th night backstage at "American Idol," wherever she had performed the song. "So i like it. i like it 'cause it is a slice of life.
"It's a lady and her operating 2 jobs and she has got of these things happening. however the full time, she's all distracted as a result of she's solely puzzling over however she feels [about her ex], nearly at the purpose [where] you are puzzling over the person, however you are additionally puzzling over, kind of, your loneliness and the way you're feeling. How're you gonna get through it? The video is completely stunning, very sudden. it's some Vegas items in it. i feel the approach it goes on, it very brings a connection to the words and you will very feel it. i am lovesome it."

So, can the video's protagonist pass though the guy? Well, hearing her describe the song makes it appear unlikely. "So, 'Tears forever Win' is actually a couple of relationship that is over and you are memory all the days that it absolutely was there," she said. "You're memory all the ways that they stuffed your house and currently that it isn't there. you are telling yourself you do not would like them, however you are missing them and you are crying concerning it."

Speaking of "American Idol," it absolutely was there she have to be compelled to catch a glimpse of her "Girl On Fire" partner Nicki Minaj, sharing that she'd "definitely" love the possibility to collaborate together with her once more. She said, "I saw her at the Met Ball truly which was the last place I saw her. that is my woman and that i positively have millions of love for her ... she's a lady burning."

So, would she ever take into account connexion Minaj on the show, maybe to interchange sexy Jackson, UN agency simply proclaimed he is going away once eleven seasons? "There's no space on behalf of me," she said.

Minaj hasn't confirmed if she'll come back to "Idol" because the show heads into next Wednesday's season finale.

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