El 10 Eleven

El 10 Eleven

L.A. Electronic-Indie pair Makes Transition
Tim Fogarty, one half the pair that creates up El 10 Eleven, is troubled to contain his anger.

“I hope they die, honestly,” he says with a what-can-you-do type of laugh.

The reason Fogarty is upset is as a result of the overwhelming majority of the band’s gear was purloined at the tip of March, right before they were about to head out on their current tour.

“It was regarding ninety p.c of all our gear,” Fogarty says, “All my physics, my drums. the toughest half on behalf of me was losing all the electronic drum stuff. I had a backup sampler all able to get into case one thing happened with my regular rig live therefore I might simply swap it out. however they got each of them, therefore I’ve spent the previous couple of days attempting to place along all the programming once more. I had a number of the samples saved, however there was plenty of programming gone. it absolutely was a nightmare.”

But in an exceedingly moment of grim, glass-half-full munificence, Fogarty finds a bright spot.

“They left my gran casa, that was very nice of them,” Fogarty says.

So, whereas the 2 musicians square measure on the road in support of their latest record, Transitions, they're having to transition from having all their gear found out however they like and being able to perform live, to having a bunch of apparatus they got at the moment and questioned what's going to happen once they begin enjoying shows. however since they're not unfamiliar tragedy and unfortunate circumstances, they keep pressing on.

“We’re still missing stuff and also the backups don’t specifically sound an equivalent, however we’ll build it work,” Fogarty says.

While the phrase “we’ll build it work” is claimed here with a unsubduable type of angle, it additionally applies to their latest album in an exceedingly totally different method. Associate in Nursing eclectic mixture of rock & roll, electronic music and hip-hop, the songs on Transitions square measure place along in an exceedingly cohesive fashion that implies the band wished to mix a bunch of disparate sounds and build them sound recent and natural. The title track is ably named, because the 10-plus-minute song includes sections of bass-heavy rock, subdued interludes, driving dance rock, funky sections and introspective  stringed instrument solos. In a way, this is their mission statement of not needing to do an equivalent factor over and over.

“[Transitions] is that the next step within the method we’re evolving in terms of songwriting and acting,” Fogarty says. “It’s somewhat little bit of everything. There’s some upbeat stuff and a few mellow, chill reasonably stuff, therefore it’s a fairly smart combine.”

The album’s seven tracks vary from the quiet (“Lullaby”) to the raucous (“Transitions”) and contain a good quantity of fabric with serious connotations (“Thanks Bill” could be a nod to the co-founder of AA, as a result of it helped the girlfriend of a bandmate get sober before the 2 got married). a canopy of Duran Duran’s “Tiger Tiger” shows they're not higher than having fun with their music, however the foremost attention-grabbing track is “No One Died This Time!” that is at the same time serious and farcical.

“When we tend to were within the method of creating previous records, individuals in our lives passed on to the great beyond, then we'd dedicate a song to them,” Fogarty says. “This time, nobody did, that is awing, therefore rather than dedicating a song to somebody World Health Organization died, we tend to did ‘No One Died this Time!’ as a result of we tend to were elated that no-one did. That’s most likely why the song is type of lightweight and heavy at an equivalent time, as a result of whereas it’s type of serious subject material, we tend to we tend tore happy we didn’t have to be compelled to dedicate one to anybody.”

This news comes as a relief to those that grasp Fogarty and Dunn.

“People should be afraid to be our friends as a result of individuals in our lives keep dying,” Fogarty says with amusing. “But that’s very not the method it's.”

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