Understanding Minimalist Home Design

Minimalist house, is a term that may already be familiar to our hearing. The realization of these terms can be found in almost every residential side of today's society. However , even though most of us are very familiar with the term along with the form of a minimalist home, not all of them understand the meaning and definition of the term. This is an important issue which should be noted. Do not get when a layman or stranger asked, we can not answer in a straightforward and precise.
Therefore , on this occasion IdeaRumah. com initiative to write a little elaboration as to what is the minimalist home. Thus, we can get to know more ins and outs of this type of building. So that the discussion is not too far away, so we just refer to with a review of what is a minimalist house if viewed from the eyes of ordinary people on the article below!

When described by the general public's understanding, which is not the developer / builder residence, minimalist home is none other than a habitable building designed and designed with simple and minimalist concept. The question is, what is the purpose of the concept is simple and minimalist? When we see the visible, the houses are actually applying a face orientation ( exterior ) luxurious, elegant, and expensive impressed. In addition , its interior design also brings the impression magnificent and expensive too. Then where the concept is simple and minimalist?

Broadly speaking, the simple meaning is meant here is a habitable building with a design that is not so complex design, where the fabric of space inside and outside the house with a very neatly arranged. In addition , he also has a room that is multifunctional. In reality, not a few office buildings currently relying on minimalist models that have previously been through a few modifications in the interior design. While the exterior design is left alone, following the original design of the building.
As for the meaning of minimalism itself, is a design concept that emphasizes the dynamism and keminimalisan on certain designs, with the goal of improving the efficiency of land use and land budget available. In general, the concept is identical with the minimalist design of the roof the same size with a building area ( not supplied roof of the hall ). Then, the ceiling of the house was not designed with polished profile known costs are quite large. Enough with flat ceiling and elbow angles, as well as paint a harmonious dressing, is enough to give the impression of elegance to the room of the house.

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